Envisions Symposium. Photography by Ronald Smits


A hybrid strategist, design researcher and futures thinker. I connect the dots between context, human behaviours, possible futures and tangible design outcomes. 

Specialising in strategic foresight, I use a variety of methods to map and understand the signals, trends and disruptions impacting on people, businesses and the environment —before synthesising insights into ideas and action. 

Driven by heartfelt optimism and compassion, my ambition is to help harness the power of design and innovation to create a more preferable future, for people and planet.


Discovering insights and developing empathy through qualitative research that is exploratory and immersive

— Stakeholder interviews
— Expert Interviews 

— Ethnography
— Field Research
— Category analysis
— Service mapping
— User Stories / Personas
— Presentations & Events 

Using analysis, imagination and storytelling to build a view of future challenges and opportunities, to inform decisions and planning today

— Trend analysis
— Horizon Scanning
— Visioning workshops
— Thought leadership 
— Speculative Design


Turning insight into action with velocity and vision. Collaborating with clients and customers to create, test and develop solutions and plans

— Brand Strategy
— Proposition development
— Innovation strategy
— Workshop design
— Workshop facilitation
— Idea Generation
— Service design
Design & Implementation

Collaborating with multi-disciplinary teams to bring ideas to life in tangible ways as products, content and services

— Design briefs 
— Building teams 
— Managing collaborators 
— Production management 
— Experience design 

— Copywriting 
— Client training and guides 

If you have any questions, require any more information or just want to stay in touch then all your options are here. 

Julian Ellerby
+44 (0)7841 205665

Icons and arrows by Afrizal Yogi Syahputra from the Noun Project.
Envisions Symposium photography by Ronald Smits.